Smoothe Body Polish 200mL
Smoothe Body Polish 200mL
Smoothe Body Polish 200mL

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Smoothe Body Polish 200mL

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The only exfoliator you will ever need. Easy to use, leaving your body silky smooth to touch. Fantastic before a spray tan.

  • Fine seasalt- remineralises the skin surface which tones and refreshes.
  • Coconut Oil - provides a soft moisturised finish
  • Pure Balsam essential oil - for a fresh fragrance.

Polishes, refines the texture of your skin. Rehydrates the "winter legs" to summer ready.

Apply to a dry body, exfoliate in circles towards your heart. Rinse off carefully in a cool shower. (make sure you stand on something non-slip) Dry thoroughly and apply beachouse 'Body Crème' for a perfect finish

Tip: Essential first step before your spray tan, to remove all dead cells. For long lasting tan. 

Fine sea salt
Seaweed extract
Coconut oil
Macadamia oil
Pure Balsam essential oil
Vanilla Orchid flower essence