Hibiscus & Red Ginseng Mask 100g
Hibiscus & Red Ginseng Mask 100g
Hibiscus & Red Ginseng Mask 100g

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Hibiscus & Red Ginseng Mask 100g

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Red Ginseng and Hibiscus Mask is 2nd generation holistic skin science.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principals and cutting edge Western Science.

Plant stem cell inclusions enhance the anti ageing hydration and cellular regeneration.

Deep into the hypo dermis, where the collagen and elastin fibres exist. 
This mask helps to counteract the effects of free radicals and stress. 

Firming, nourishing and healing at a cellular level for optimal tissue regeneration.

Cleanse your face (use Cleanser oil).

This first step help prepare the surface of your skin. Removing all the build up of invisible gunk that has built up.

Apply Red Ginseng & Hibiscus Mask in a thinnish layer, avoiding eyes and mouth area.

Leave to dry for up to 20 minutes. With a warm wet wash cloth - press onto your skin firmly .. allow a minute for the very last of the mask to absorb. Rinse off with cool water.

If your skin is oily or blemished, apply a little water and gently exfoliate off the remainder of the mask. Finish with a cool water splash.

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