Bliss Mist 250mL
Bliss Mist 250mL
Bliss Mist 250mL

Bliss Mist 250mL

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A vitamin and mineral elixir.

Created to cool and refresh whilst instantly refining and soothing everywhere you spray.

Keep it in your purse, bathroom vanity or in summer, your fridge!

This will become your go to product. (We will send you a convenient 50mL spray bottle you can use for traveling or handbag).

Beautifully fragrant with a rich aroma of:

  • Ylang Ylang (for mood)
  • May Chang (Vit C uplifting) 
  • Rose Otto (firming)
  • French Lavender (calms skin conditions)
  • West Australian Sandalwood (rehydrates and repairs)
  • Silver (heals)
  • Copper peptides (collagen renewal) 

Use this wonderful 'Bliss Mist' on face, neck, arms and legs. Spray on a light layer of Bliss Mist for a refreshing skin feel.
Tip: The answer to your jet lag woes.

    Silver Elixir
    Copper Peptides
    Ylang Ylang
    May Chang
    Rose Otto
    French Lavender
    Western Australian Sandalwood

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