About Us

Beachouse Organics is an Australian organic skin and body care brand.

Beachouse creators' passionate vision was to craft a formula with purity and potency.

Sustainable and fairtrade.

All ingredients used in our products are certified organic (ACO).

Maximum quality, is always used with the highest grade of ingredients available. The potency of our products is derived from the quantity of the result driven active ingredient percentage.

At the present, all our products are handcrafted in the pristine northern rivers coastal town of Kingscliff. Our product is "small batch" which means fresh in your hand no longer than the month it was formulated.

All essential oils being used are seasonally harvested at their peak, and cold pressed. This means that we capture the essence of each ingredient at its maximum potential. Beachouse is fresh and unique to every season.

Beachouse organics is committed the power of completely natural ingredients, we are 100% Australian made. All our products  are infused with naturally occurring skin protection factor (spf 15 - 20) sourced from raspberry leaf oil and carrot seed oil. (with exception of our night product 'ageless gold serum')

Aleo Vera Leaf Extract is our base of all our products. We do this because water dilutes the integrity and concentration of key active ingredients. 

Baechouse organics...
- is tested on family, not pets
- is friend of the vegan
- uses airtight, biodegradable packaging



Beachouse organics is the sister product to ACO certified AirSpa. Janie was the creator of Air Spa International circa 1988-2014.

Air Spa successfully found its way to the Shangri - la Hotels & Spas in Maldives, Paris, Rome and London.


Air Spa was also stocked by Aphrodisia. One of the first “natural skin care shops“ in Green St Manhattan (Greenwich Village) New York. Marie, the owner was delighted to have a clean green product from AUSTRALIA.

When Janies husband had a catastrophic accident in 2014, the brand Air Spa ceased production and Janies time was devoted to the recovery of her husband.

Janies husband has had a remarkable recovery and responding to loyal Air Spa customers worldwide Janie enthusiastically revived the Air Spa formulas.

Beachouse organics is a fresh start with a new perspective!

Beachouse organics collection references the pristine northern rivers coastline of NSW, Australia. It uses the very latest in natural skincare technology, with intensive skin moisture recovery & renewal. Skin becomes ‘alive‘, heals and rejuvenates when it absorbs the essence of nutrient dense nature’s flora and the oceans intense mineral ingredients.

Janie has a degree in the Pharmacy of Natural Fragrance, and has been a naturopath for over 37 years. During which time she became the founding naturopath of Queensland eczema and psoriasis foundation (circa 1981).

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