Phyto Peel Pads (30 pads)
Phyto Peel Pads (30 pads)
Phyto Peel Pads (30 pads)

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Phyto Peel Pads (30 pads)

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Wonderful ageless light peel to reduce the depth of wrinkles and reduce sun damaged skin. 

Just like your Salon or Spa peel, using fabulous fruit acids.

Each pad is formulated to have just the right amount of product to give you a once only treatment. Our sustainable cotton pads will degrade in a few weeks in land fill, so don't worry...

Easy and quick to apply and your skin is "super smooth" and soft and plump, ready to apply your favourite skin rehydrator... Night Affair.

We do suggest you use this treatment at night as your skin will be a little "sun sensitive" having revealed a "brand new skin".

Effectively removes all the dead cells which encourages circulation and the absorption of your skincare. Regularly use will accelerate collagen renewal.

Suitable for all skin types. Shake Well before use.

Clean face and neck. Allow to dry and wait for 2-3 min before proceeding. Wipe one  peel pad over face and neck lightly (avoid the sensitive area around eyes). Leave for 2-5 min. Thoroughly rinse in cool water for 1-2 min. If there is a strong tingle only leave on for 30 seconds. Increase the time next use.

Recommended use:

Never use on skin lesions and damaged skin.

Once a week for younger skin (18-40)

Once a fortnight for more mature or sun damaged skin (40+)

Sugar Cane Extract
Apple Fruit Extract
Citrus Fruit Extract
Green Tea Extract
Aloe Vera Extract