Cleanser 250mL
Cleanser 250mL
Cleanser 250mL

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Cleanser 250mL

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This beautiful oil cleanser is enriched with anti oxidants, gentle enough for your delicate eye area and removes all eye makeup whilst conditioning your eyelashes.

Incorporating luscious plant oils known for their plant nourishment. Instantly emulsifies and dissolves makeup and impurities for a softer, thoroughly cleansed skin.

Formulated for all skin types.  Use with your beautiful towelling mitt or crocheted cleansing cloth supplied with every purchase... whilst stocks last.

  • Argan Oil - high in Vit E (healing)
  • Meadow Foam - locks in moisture, resembles skins own moisturiser (Sebum.) Turns oil to water to rinse.
  • Hemp oil - slows the affects of ageing and reduces inflammation.
  • Sweet Orange Essential oil - refreshes and cleanses with Vit C

Massage all over face, neck and eyes.

Press on a warm damp face wash cloth and remove make up thoroughly.

Rinse with cool water. Gently pat skin dry.

Spritz with 'Bliss Mist' for a double cleanse . Pat mist into face and let dry.

Tip: conditions the eyelash and eyebrow and moisturises the fine skin around the eye area.  

Sunflower Jojoba Hemp Olive  Argan Oils Meadow Foam Rose Geranium Sweet Orange Essential oils All ingredients are certified organic, ACO  Not tested on animals Vegan friendly