Natural Vegan Deo 50g
Natural Vegan Deo 50g
Natural Vegan Deo 50g
Natural Vegan Deo 50g

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Natural Vegan Deo 50g

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This natural deodorant has a unique and effective odour blocking technology.

  • anti bacterial and anti fungal
  • efficient deodorising action
  • delivers a comfortable glide to delicate underarm skin
  • easy to use with a luxurious creamy feel
  • beautiful subtle aroma

    Gently apply to the armpits. Gives a 12-15 hours protection from odour. 

    Please note below if you are using a natural deodorant for the first time.

    Aluminium is the element that makes an antiperspirant do what it says... stops the perspiration. 

    Essentially the aluminium salts block the sweat ducts and prevent you getting sweaty. 

    But! The sweat is still there full of bacteria under the surface - it just doesn’t get out. 

    We are meant to sweat - it’s natures way of detoxification and helps us regulate temperature.

    When you start to use a natural Deo all that accumulation moves out of the pores.

    Hence it may take a while for your Natural Deo to work as it should. 

    BUT it will. Persevere.

    Rose Geranium Organic Essential Oil
    Blood Orange Essential Oil
    Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil
    Frankincense Organic Essential Oil
    WA Sandalwood Organic Essential Oil
    Bush Peppermint organic essential oils
    Organic cold pressed coconut oil
    Organic Shea Butter
    Prickly pear stem essence
    Organic Neem Oil
    Radish root filtrate