Sustainable - Recyclable - Ethically Sourced - Fair Trade - Organic...

...all the new buzzwords necessary to Google these days if you are looking for a healthy lifestyle / skincare products
Pure Organic Natural are almost secondary in a search for the skincare
you are looking for.

I understand after 35 years in the natural health industry that more than ever, we are aware of the impact of synthetic chemicals on the skin.

As a Naturopath my life’s purpose has been to bring this message to the community. My belief is that it’s possible to live synthetically chemical free, easily. Without being obsessed and boring, gentle steps on our planet.

The organic food revolution has educated us as on the best available produce to achieve a healthy body and many of us adhere to an organic, healthy diet. Meanwhile, many  don't think about what is going onto their skin.

This makes no sense at all! 

WE ARE WHAT WE EAT, a healthy diet and lifestyle promotes healthy body. So it follows that natural, organic skincare absorbed through the skin promotes healthy cellular activity

It’s possible to look and feel amazing. Glow from the inside out, in a completely natural sustainable way.

The large multinationals would have us believe that unless it’s a lab manufactured “cosmeceutical” then we are destined to AGE before our time. If you believe this, you must also ascribe to “NO HEALTHY ORGANIC FOOD “ can nourish the body...

We need to stop and think and read the labels...

We are in the main very well educated, live in an era with every resource available to us. We can investigate and choose intelligently.

Let’s enjoy Nature’s gifts, and if you like to make your own simple products, I will endeavour to share some recipes with you in future blogs.


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