How much do we need to drink each day?

 Will it make my skin...

  • Smoother 
  • Less wrinkled
  • More supple
  • Dewy

The answer is:

H2O is so very good for our organs, digestion and other bodily functions.. So yes drink 1.5 - 2 Ltrs per day.
Remember though, water is also in your fruit and vegetables. So don’t beat yourself up if you don’t actually drink that much. You're getting it anyway!

However, IF you have stripped away your protective moisture balance, then no amount of water will help your skin.

How did this protective balance disappear?
Some medication can accelerate the loss, but the most common reason is
the wrong skincare...

Simple but true! 

Cheap (and sometimes more expensive) products can strip the moisture from your epidermis.

Do you "scrub" your skin with harsh exfoliants?

Over use skin peels?

Mask your skin too regularly?

Don’t read the labels and rely on the advertised word that this must be "true and correct"

All the above can destroy your delicate natural balance.

Invest in your future face...

You need nature’s protection to ultimately protect your skin from ageing in the long term.

Just today I saw a product on social media talking about the "fabulous preservative" it used to PROTECT its product from mould!!

In fact that particular ingredient was easily "googled" to show it was dangerous to health. If absorbed or inhaled, it could damage the lungs. 

Your skin is absorbing and inhaling anything put on it...

As little as a $1 a day will give you the best skincare money can buy...
Ask us how?

~ Janie

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