The March of time

The most forgotten body part!
Anti ageing products for face, neck and body.
Potent strategies for holding back the "hands of time"
But do we think about this saying..??
Literally HANDS, do you include these in your every day/night Beauty Routine??

Are your hands suffering from neglect?
Sun Spots

Poor hands, such hard workers... Miss out on any special attention.
If your hands have suffered neglect, a special cream is not essential. Just follow this day and night treatment (include hands, elbows and knees).

When exfoliating your face - exfoliate your hands.

When applying a mask to your face - smooth over your hands.

Applying a night time rich Serum - massage into your hands.

Remember to "sandwich" face neck décolletage, hands, knees and the rest of your body at least once per week especially during winter.

The hands have such a low blood flow that this process really invigorates the skin especially if it is already looking crepey.

Here’s what I do for my sandwich regime once per week.

Cleanse with our Oil Cleanser, wash off.
Spritz lightly with Bliss Mist.
Massage in a liberal dose of Pure Silver Drops Day Serum.
A light smooth of Day Face Drink
Next a "dose" of Ageless Pure Gold Serum - massage in really well.

All as above above but after CLEANSER I would wipe over my face a Phyto Peel Pad once a week to remove all dead cells and reinvigorate the collagen production. Rinse well...
Then proceed as above 
During this regime take it through to your hands knees and elbows.

~ Janie

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