Beachouse is so excited to bring  you our new Red Ginseng & Hibiscus Flower Mask... 

WHY ..?

Because these are the benefits:

^ radiant skin. 
^ refined texture
^ increased plumpness
^ fine lines eradicated
^ smooth
^ soft countenance
^ reduced redness
^ less dark circles
^ pore size reduction
^ fewer skin eruptions & outbreaks
^ exceptional anti ageing properties 
^ increased moisture retention

All this as your skin harness the incredible plant power from the Hibiscus plants stem cells.

No wonder Hibiscus flower is called Natures Botox Plant.

Hibiscus stem cells are known for their almost magical abilities to increase skin elasticity and inhibit the activity of the enzyme Elastase. The Elastase is responsible for breaking down our precious elastin deep in the dermis layer of the skin.

This is how Hibiscus in conjunction with Red Ginseng combats the ageing process.

When we age one of the disturbing ageing signs is the development of hyper pigmentation.

Age spots occur due to a number of different variables...

^ Ultra Violet radiation exposure
^ Excess melanin production
^ Genetics

In Red Ginseng & Hibiscus we have found the ability to gently exfoliate because of the effective organic acids found in this powerful combination.

These acids include Citrus and Malic Acids, which helps speed up cell turnover resulting in a much more even skin tone and smoother texture.  

Another discovery was how rich in Antioxidants this combo is. 
Especially Anthocyanocides. A powerful free radical fighter which protects the skin from damage caused by ultraviolet and airborne toxic pollution (which, when it makes contact with the skin, ages skin prematurely.)

Lastly Hibiscus has an incredibly high mucilage content, a sticky substance produced by the plant to increase its storage of water. 

This mucilage is a fantastic natural skin moisturiser that is gentle on sensitive skin and enables the skin to retain precious moisture. This moisture retention is a key factor in maintaining a youthful plump complexion. 

So now you see how excited we are to bring this 2nd generation organic skin revelation to you.

Try our Red Ginseng and Hibiscus Mask.
We promise you will be astounded, like our test panel were.
100% reported all or most of the above results in every age group. 

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