Read the labels!

Example of product label to avoid...
It is so important to read the labels, not just of your food, but on your skin and body care products.

These are the nastiest ingredients you don’t want to see on any product label!

DEA - can cause allergic reactions, irritate the eyes and cause skin and hair to dry out.
(a cancer causing agent. -Dr Samuel Epstein, Chairman Cancer Prevention Coalition U.S)

MINERAL OILpariffinnum- petroleum- a distillation of petroleum. Used in many skin care products including baby oils. Occlusive on the skin (sits on the surface).
It's colourless, odourless and sometimes used as a laxative.
It’s also called Petroleum Jelly.

IMIDAZOLIDINYL UREA - the American Academy of Dermatology has found these preservatives to be a key to contact dermatitis.

PARABENS - preservatives often used in cosmetics. The jury is out as to whether there is a possible link to breast cancer and reduced sperm counts.

PROPYLENE GLYCOL - derived from vegetable glycerin. Most used is a petrol chemical. May cause allergies and eczema.

SODIUM LAURELTH SULPHATE - a harsh detergent mainly used in shampoo. Can cause irritation and dry patches on the skin and scalp. May mimic oestrogen.


When you're reading a label. You want to recognise the ingredients. You want them to be food grade (you could eat them). Only then are you safe to put them on your skin. In all probability your skin will love you for it.

Remember your skin is "eating" the product you are applying. Skin absorbs and 
product enters the blood stream and is processed through your bodily systems.

Don’t let the "scientific product" blurbs sway you with advertising trying to tell us that only scientific ingredients can produce a positive affect!!!

If you believe this to be true, you would also believe that a fresh food diet can't provide you with a healthy body.
Could you live on manmade synthetic vitamins and minerals??
Of course not!

The more organic the "foods" (ingredients) in your skincare, the better results your skin you will enjoy... It’s a long term effect. 
Strive for it now and leave ageing to the desperate quick fix people who have resorted to botox, fillers, lasers and plastic surgery. 

~ Janie

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