Quenching Hydration - for the Southern Hemisphere

Even when it feels so moist and the humidity is so high - remember you are losing essential moisture all day.

Our signature product 'Day Face Drink' contains powerful organic antioxidants to infuse and provide a soothing “Skin Drink“.

With the addition of natures combination Raspberry Leaf and Carrot Seed for an everyday protection factor for UVA - UVB rays you will moisturise your skin and at the same time protect it.

A synthetic sunscreen cannot deliver a drink to your skin - by its very formulation it is a PHYSICAL sun block. Sitting on the skins surface to bounce the rays off...

It is so important to protect yourself from the sun. A straw hat with a big brim is a lifesaver, even in the water (where you are extra vulnerable to reflective rays).

Stay safe - restore the balance - melt away the stress with essential oils of Rose Otto - Rose Geranium.

At Home Facial :
After a thorough cleanse. Put a few drops of Ageless Gold Serum Oil with the Day Face Drink. Pat into your Face, Neck and Décolletage. Massage gently with firm and stimulating touch... relax 💙  Totally rejuvenated.


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