Natural Exfoliator

Getting ready for a spray tan or ready to hit the surf...?

Summer is here (in Australia), and we all want that soft, glowing body. The best way to accomplish that is to exfoliate.

But... exfoliating the whole body can be very expensive and many of the exfoliators you buy from the shops contain unnecessary chemicals.

Soo, here's a natural exfoliator you can make yourself at home.



Coconut & Aloe Vera exfoliator with orange oil.

Combine 1/2 Cup melted coconut oil with the gel out of a large leaf of aloe vera plant. Add 10 drops of Orange essential oil.

Cool and then, standing on paper towels (slip proof) rub all over (dry) body starting with your feet, moving towards your heart.
If you don’t have any help you can get to the hard to reach areas with a loofah or body brush.
Leave on to allow the Orange oil (malic and citric fruit acid) to exfoliate and refine the texture of your skin.
Now with a clean chux remove the majority of the product. Be careful not to leave any on your feet.
A warm shower or warm soak, and then your good to go!
Each day, remember to use a Body Creme that has an spf. It’s not just your face that ages with sun exposure... Beachouse organics Body Crème has a natural skin protection factor of 20-30, sourced from raspberry leaf oil and carrot seed oil.


Have a fab summer,

x Janie

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