Let's talk SUGAR!!


We talk a lot about things that are good for your body and skin.

What about what’s NOT?

The main culprit that is so persuasive  is... SUGAR!

Where is it folks???

Is it just in lollies and chocolate?

In your morning breakfast cereal (30%)?

Perhaps in your juice?

Yes all of those are full of sugar, but it's also in fruit, dips, sauces and spice mixes
to name a few hidden sources.

Could be a few sneaky teaspoons you weren’t expecting to land on your hips...?

SO! Will cutting out sugar help our skin??

Will removing the products above from our daily menu help us lose weight?

Will we look younger... for longer?

Will our body respond positively?


How will it help your skin..????

Sugar targets Collagen, that firm spongy substance that makes our skin firmer. More sugar= less firmness. Then if your not using a regenerative skincare product you will need to resort to botox and fillers (not preferable).
Cutting down (or out) sugar will help the digestive process. Making us much less likely to feel the highs and lows  of a sugar hit.

Sugar causes inflammatory conditions in the body so our body suffers more free radical changes.. therefor premature ageing.

Give your body a sugar - tox and see after two weeks if you can go cold turkey 🦃  Like any addictive substance, weaning off is difficult but not impossible.

Remember glucose and fructose (fruit sugars) are as damaging as each other. Although some think fructose to be worse, as the way it metabolises through the liver makes it prone to setting down in fat stores any residual amounts. 

Do your research, read up on the subject... 
I would recommend Big Fat Lies - Sweet Poison by David Gillespie.

~ Janie

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