Isn’t it hot? The humidity is off the richter..

Having a cold Spritz of... (no not alcohol) botanical essentials in the fridge could be the answer to those hot, humid days. The cold spritz onto your hot skin gives an instant relief and awakens the skin.

Beachouse organics has a fabulous one, Bliss Mist. (used by the Spa at Vilingilli Maldives) 

If you prefer making your own, heres a "recipe" for you to make your own.

1 cup of Pure Spring Water
A sprig of mint leaves
A cup of green tea (cold)
Some Rosewater (always so luxurious)
A drop or six of Lavender Oil
Any or all of the above will be refreshing and help rehydrate you.

Tip 1.
If you have been sunburnt. Add a cup of full fat cow juice or, if you have some Coconut Milk even better, especially for the vegans. This will soothe and help to preserve the skin (no peeling).

Tip 2.
If a bath is on the agenda, mix in 1/2 cup of bicarbonate of soda to the above recipe and you have a lovely softening soak.

Tip 3.
If your skin is a little irritated or some of those pesky mozzies have bitten you? Add some oatmeal, about 1 cup full to an equal amount of pure spring water, add to your bath.

 If you would like to make up your own formula adding or deleting any of the ingredients above .
Pop your recipe into a blender, blend for 30 seconds .

Add to the bath, it’s a bit messy to clean though. So another tip is to put it into a tea dispenser (you know the ones you soak your loose leaf tea into the hot water with)
This captures all the “mess” but delivers an indulgent decadence to your bath water.

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