Happy Green Feet!

It’s Summer (here in Australia) and our feet are on show!!! 

We all want beautiful smooth summer feet..

I love 'New York Foot Files'... Ok, I’m a little biased as I brought it to the market in 2000. Designing the New York foot file and manufacturing here in NSW, Australia.

Years later I sold it on... It’s still the same great product! The New York Foot File will last you for years to come (you just have to replace the "paper").

But most pedi paddels from the shop are 100% plastic, and we throw them out as they wear out. That plastic takes in excess of 100 years to break down in land fill. 

So if you can't get your hands on a New Your Foot File then this home pedicure will help to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Just use an 80 grade piece of sandpaper wrapped around your hand. Just throw away after use (only 6 weeks to break down in land fill).

Buff ever so lightly and do this often. Don't be too aggressive. The tender foot skin compacts down and this makes for hard skin.
No one wants that!!

Prepare all you need for your home pedicure
Water - salts - essential oils - a bowl - towels - nail files - cuticle oil - body or foot lotion  - flip flops etc.

Music, a diffuser or a good book... Whatever makes this a "Spa Experience" for you!

Remove any old polish and cut or file your toenails.

With a little oil, gently massage your cuticles pressing back the cuticle skin as you go.

NOW you are ready to soak...
Epsom Salts with some Peppermint Essential Oil dissolved into the water and a little milk powder (the lactic acid really dissolves dead cells).

After your soak, dry your feet before you scrub away the dead skin.

Now soak again.

Towel off - wrap up one foot while you pamper the other.

When both feet are ready, massage and moisturise. Always upwards, always towards the heart. Wipe over the toenails with your towel in preparation for polish. 

Start with a clear coat of polish and let this one dry really well. Now you're ready for a pop of colour. Let this coat dry for ten minutes. 

The darker the colour, the longer it takes to dry (more pigment). If you like to finish off with a clear top coat, your polish will last much longer.

Resolve to gently buff your feet most nights and lightly moisturise.

Coming soon... 100% organic foot balm stix.

This is the secret to beautiful feet and a long lasting pedicure...


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