Facial Oils


Nourish your face with a soothing, smoothing face oil.
Our faces love nothing more than being nourished with a luxurious Botanical Elixir.

100% pure it’s the most natural way to nourish your skin, regardless of the season. Unlike what most people think, a face oil doesn't (shouldn't) leave your skin greasy but rather silky smooth. 

Another great thing about using oils is that they don't need preservatives, as bugs cannot breed in oils. Oxygen however is an enemy of oils. This can destroy the purity as air causes oils to go rancid. An Airless delivery system is the fool proof method of protecting each precious drop. 

When looking for a facial oil be vigilant and peruse the label to ensure the ingredients are not "expanded" by any mineral oils. Often advertised as Natural paraffinum liquidum. All oils are not created equal and these type of oils do not absorb which could leave you with that greasy feeling we want to avoid...

Instead look for these oils on the ingredient list:

Sweet Almond Oil

Olive and Avocado Oil - highly skin compatible, and are revered for their anti ageing powers

Pracaxi Oil - softening

Sea Buckthorn Oil - fabulous anti oxidant

Argan Oil - keeps skin velvety smooth

Australian Sandalwood - is incredibly regenerative for all ages

The formula and ingredients determine how quickly the elixirs absorb. Most skin types can use oils for a night time treatment.

Try beachouse organics Ageless Pure Gold Serum. It absorbs instantly, leaving your skin silky smooth with a fragrant finish. it has been stocked by 6 Star Spas through out the world...

~ Janie

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