Emergency 'go to' spa

Today I have a few tips for your at home spa facial treatments.

All these items can be (could be) found in your pantry or fridge.
It’s my emergency "go to" Spa for an indulgent afternoon at home.

Aloe Vera - Having a plant growing in a pot can be great if close by. Pull off an outer leaf, cut it open and smooth the gel over any burn or scalds.

Honey -  Honey is an excellent anti biotic. Apply liberally to any cuts or grazes... Great instant relief for sore or chapped lips.

Lavender Essential Oil - Can be used in the rinse water of your towels and sheets. An instant relief for cuts and burns. 

Tea Tree Oil - Great for any skin problems. Diluted its a great anti biotic for blemishes and blackheads. 1 part tea tree to 5 parts pure water. gently apply with a cotton tip. leave on overnight.

Cool Cows Milk - Can be a short term relief for mild sunburn (even for baby). Pat onto the sun kissed area. Leave on for a couple f minutes.. rinse off...
Remember next time to slip - slop - slap ..!!

Ice - is a great for puffy eyes. If you wake up with bags under your eyes, wrap an ice cube in a clean face cloth or chux pat onto the swollen area .. (do not leave it on for more than a few seconds at a time). The cold will minimise the swelling.

Yoghurt - pimples and spots respond well to a dot of full fat yogurt. Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse off with cool water. If any of these pimples have a "head" or pustules, tap on with toothpaste and leave on overnight. Rinse off in the morning.

Black Grapes - for a quick tone up before a big date. Squish some black grapes and pat over the face . A great facial in just a few minutes. Toning, brightening and tightening.

Cucumber - cucumber slices are an age old quick fix for dark circles around the eye area. A short lie down with cold cucumber slices over your eyes will result in a quick refresh.

Table Salt & Caster Sugar - mix two tablespoons of each with a tablespoon of oil. Rub all over the body. This is your quick exfoliating recipe.

REMEMBER - do this in the shower while standing on a hand towel, it can get slippery.

~ Janie

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