Bliss Mist...


Everyone has down days now an again, finding ways to cheer yourself up and not take life to seriously is one of the secrets of happiness.

Have fun with lively and uplifting fragrances to create a joyful atmosphere and banish the blue...

ONE of the reasons for formulating Bliss Mist was to specifically target negative thinking that happens to us all.

This mist is my happiness tonic for an everyday lift.

Made with organic Aloe Vera leaf, alkaline water and beautiful organic essentials. Rose Otto,  beautiful petals macerated and steam distilled to release rose golden drops of peace and tranquillity. French Lavender, flowers picked at dawn & dusk to maximise the intensity of the calming aroma and revive and relax all at the same moment in time. Australian Mount Romance Sandalwood, it’s wonderful resinous quality anointing the senses. May Chang, for a sharp uplifting heavenly scent burst.

Sometimes we need a little help and a go to product that will immediately restore our balance.

Simply add a few drops of Bliss Mist to a small bowl of luscious Murray River Salts to aromatise your room.

Run a bath and liberally add Bliss Mist to a tablespoon of any nut milk or coconut yoghurt (to disperse).

Bliss Mist comes to you in a natural atomiser. Spritz your room, your pillow slip, your PJ’s or simply decant into the purse spray (we supply) and take it with you wherever you go.

 BLISS - mist 

~ Janie

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