“Better with Butter”

Butters are nature’s skin cocooning gift. Pressed from seeds and nuts they are instantly absorbed and restore suppleness and gives smoothness to even the driest skin.

For centuries around the world, nature’s butters have been used to restore our skin.

Shea Butter is especially skin compatible. It has nutrient rich properties, is healing and softening and absorbs so quickly.

Cocoa Butter is pressed from the seed kernels of the Cacao Tree.
With the aroma of chocolate, it melts into the skin at body temperature. Boosting the suppleness of your skin and helps with scarring. It’s also fantastic for sunburn.

Mango Butter is a great source of essential fatty acids and naturally occurring antioxidants.
Pressed from the seed kernels of the Mango Tree, it’s moisturising powers are legendary.

Try beachouse organics Body Creme which is rich in all three of those powerfully hydrating and skin protecting butters - all Fair Trade.
(Fair Trade secures growers a consistent price and market for their produce).

~ Janie

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