35 Billion Dollar Industry


Beauty and Health is a $US 35 Billion industry? That's just the U.S!

Does this industry really care about the consumer??

The answer may startle you...

Look below the surface of today’s cosmetics.

"Caveat Emptor"
Latin for Buyer Beware.

It’s a pretty apt expression for safety of you and your family. 

Chemicals that have been linked to cancer and birth defects do not belong in cosmetics and skincare.

When you look at some brands of Shampoo - Deodorant - Moisturiser and many other daily use products. You may find they do in fact contain dangerous chemicals.

In fact a recent survey by the EWG (environmental working group) showed just that.

Research has shown many of these chemicals are already present in our bodies  our breast milk, and our children.

Surely we say:
“Not enough to harm us or do any real damage”?

Many chemicals in cosmetics cause systemic toxins. These have a cumulative exposure effect in the long term.

Everyday application to our bodies over a lifetime is the real cause for concern.

The average person uses 10 personal care products everyday.

If not chosen carefully, you can be exposing yourself to 126 chemical ingredients.
Do you know what they are and how the body reacts or stores these toxins?
If not, I recommend you go to this website or choose only CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS in your products.

The FDA and the TGA have not yet evaluated more than 89% of the 10,000+ ingredients used in personal care products.

Be your own research group, your own watchdog! Reading labels and opting for brands that eschew a certified organic approach to ALL of the ingredients in their brand across the board.

A reputable brand with a knowledge base of a Health Professional. Well versed in the Science of Natural Health is your "go to" starting point.
It takes decades to bring a brand to market. EDUCATION is the key INGREDIENT.

Be aware, pretty packaging and a super model do not always correlate to a product you want to absorb into your bloodstream.

~ Janie

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